The highly skilled professional team of Overseas Marine Logistics has vast Marine and Management experience which is required for the successful outcome of the demanding projects the company takes over.

Enjoying team support from the personnel with Certified and Proven track record, Overseas Marine Logistics provides Off-Shore Marine Project Management with high-end analytical expertise to deliver fast, reliable and innovative solutions for the most complex projects with Shore-based personnel dedicated to understanding client needs for planning, quality control, and safe operations.

Marine Logistic Services (MLS)

Marine Logistic Services (MLS)

OML currently has a fleet of 26 vessels under our management. The types of vessels includes:


All vessel management and operation are under the responsibility of our Business Division Marine Logistic Services (MLS).


The main function of MLS are in:

  • Commercial management of our managed fleet and 3rd party offshore support vessels.
  • Supervision of new building for 3rd parties.
  • Logistic management of crew and ship chandlery services.
  • Port and vessel agency services.
  • Sales and Purchase support in transactions of ownerships of vessels.
Ship Repairs & Maintenance (SRM)

Ship Repairs & Maintenance (SRM)

SRM is a Business Division with main functions in technical service offering in vessel repairs and maintenance covering:

  • Mechanical and electrical works
  • Air conditioning works
  • Sand blasting and painting
  • Steel fabrication works
  • Carpentry
Marine Consultancy Services (MCS)

Marine Consultancy Services (MCS)

  • Optimistic solution for the fleet requirement for the project execution & operation.
  • Optimal Commercial & Technical Studies for Fleet Mobilization Planning including Fleet Operations and Cargo handling.
  • Technical Consultancy & Certified Marine Workshop Services.
  • Case to Case Studies for Marine Operation Planning.
Marine Agency services

Marine Agency services

OML Agency is a fully manned department, able to fully undertake all Marine Agency services such as:

  • Ship Agency
  • Navigation License Issuance
  • CNIA
  • Port Cargo Management
  • Manifest Generation
  • Customs Entries
  • Import/ Export Clearance
  • Logistics
  • On Signers / Off Signers
  • Crew Repatriation
  • Surveying
  • Warehousing
  • Transport
  • Ship Stores
  • Stores Delivery
OML Jetty

OML Jetty

OML has a 26,000 sq.m. operation and storage area in Abu Dhabi (Mussafah) which also has the facility of a 200 m jetty for our operations.

OML Jetty is taking over:

  • Jetty Services
  • Ship repairs
  • Cargo and Marine Operation

Our Jetty is fully equipped with Cranes, Forklifts, Warehouse, Radio equipment and all necessary items which ensure smooth and safe operation.